Hey peeps. Haven’t posted anything in a while, because I was way too busy playing video games. Ok. That was a joke. The reason is really because unlike some people I actually lack the motivation to write stuff and for that reason this post is gonna be pretty sort…….. yeah… or not. But also very informative for those who want […]

It has been 100 years since 1914, a year that changed the world and shaped the present future. Many of us living today in one way or more have been affected by the events that happened in that year. World War I (also called the Great War) is echoed as a war of unprecedented carnage and destruction. The death toll […]

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Cattle are a popular site in every country side and sometimes there is hardly any notice taken of them. But if your eyes were to catch the highlander cattle, you might just stop for a moment to investigate. With a long fringe shifting over its eyes, sweeping horns and thick coat over its body, the highlander cow catches much more […]

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Before I go on any further you might not notice that patiance is spelt wrong. The correct spelling is Patience not Pataince. (Thank you for being patient to read that) Patience is the capacity to endure hardship, difficulty, or inconvenience without acting on anger annoyance annoyance complaint.   As imperfect human beings we have had some case of impatience in […]

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Few people today would deny the saying that poverty helps the growth of crime. They might also say that the government is not providing enough jobs and that causes people to steal for a living. Still others may say that they are being neglected by the authorities and thus no real development can happen in their communities and so people […]

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As we all know nothing lasts forever and even if they do last a long time it is inevitable that that it will get worn out over time. One of those things are batteries and an ipod battery fits right in. because of our love for music and our busy lifestyle we tend to burn these small energy storages even […]

  A preview of how Home will look   Facebook recently launched the release of their new android app called home. Home is an application designed to give users the ability to view live updates from their facebook accounts right on the home screen of an android phone. This will give the social network top placement on many android devices. […]

Robert Downey|source: wallpaperhi.com     A few months back I decided get myself sunglasses because of the nearest star to our planet. To tell you the truth I don’t know if it because the ozone layer is depleting rapidly or because I never get out much until recently, but whatever the reason the sun nowadays seems like it will “burn your […]

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    I am a person that loves to see stuff look good and operate good as well. So about a week ago I decided to update my old Blackberry 9000. The version it had was 4 point something. However it was giving me some minor problems but mostly I did not like the fact that I could not install […]

        Google recently announce what some might call “a glimpse of next gen computing” with the announcement of “GLASS”. For those who have not heard the news as yet Google “Glass” is a device much like your android phone only that it is designed like actual glasses that you wear and operates by voice command. To sum […]