The title of the article is a bit ambiguous based on the fact that it tackles a specific reason why my Android device will not allow a connection between it and the computer via USB. There are various reasons why an Android device will not connect, crash apps or allow file transfer. This article does not talk about these varied issues […]

Hey peeps. Haven’t posted anything in a while, because I was way too busy playing video games. Ok. That was a joke. The reason is really because unlike some people I actually lack the motivation to write stuff and for that reason this post is gonna be pretty sort…….. yeah… or not. But also very informative for those who want […]

I can still remember when 1 GB flash drives were all the rage. I mean in that time depending on what kind of person you were, 1GB of space on your person seemed like alot. And if you were ever thinking about storing more than 10GB of data only an external would come to mind.  But times have changed and […]

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As we all know nothing lasts forever and even if they do last a long time it is inevitable that that it will get worn out over time. One of those things are batteries and an ipod battery fits right in. because of our love for music and our busy lifestyle we tend to burn these small energy storages even […]

  A preview of how Home will look   Facebook recently launched the release of their new android app called home. Home is an application designed to give users the ability to view live updates from their facebook accounts right on the home screen of an android phone. This will give the social network top placement on many android devices. […]

    I am a person that loves to see stuff look good and operate good as well. So about a week ago I decided to update my old Blackberry 9000. The version it had was 4 point something. However it was giving me some minor problems but mostly I did not like the fact that I could not install […]

        Google recently announce what some might call “a glimpse of next gen computing” with the announcement of “GLASS”. For those who have not heard the news as yet Google “Glass” is a device much like your android phone only that it is designed like actual glasses that you wear and operates by voice command. To sum […]

* This and other photos that folllow are from     Correct me if I am wrong but it has been about about 1 year now since Sony has taken over form Sony Ericsson. And I must say they are doing a heck of great job since their takeover. Let’s take a look at one of its upcoming models […]

Picking up from the last post on the introduction to Rainmeter I will be going a step further to show you a little more of the workings of this tool. There are two ways main ways in which Rainmeter skins are downloaded. These include a folder (which would normally be downloaded as a zip file for you to extract) or […]

Enigma theme/suite   This is going to be the first in series of desktop customization for windows and in this first post I will be talking about a tool called Rainmeter. Rainmeter is desktop Custamization tool that displays customizable skins, like memory and battery power, RSS feeds and weather forecasts. It also provide functions like launching your favorite apps and stuff […]