Windows sometimes does weired and frustrating things when you like try to update it or install new software on it. I have had many of such moments and I want to share one simple issue I had of late with hopefully the solution that will help if you find yourself in the same pickle.

Visual C++ Redistributable

Well my issue was simple enough, I was trying to install a program (Kodi) that had a dependency on Microsoft’s Visual C++ Redistributable package. I noticed that the Install was lasting longer than expected, and after some time I figured that the install was hanging so i just closed it. Later I went to laugh the said program and it returned an error. I was like waat!? so i did what any average computer guy would do, just reinstall it. To my surprise the install hanged or stopped just near the end of the full install AGAIN.

I took note that near the end of the whole process when the install hanged, that it was trying to deploy vc_redist.x64.exe, which was the installer for Visual C++. Knowing that I said why don’t I just install it manually which i tried and thus the title of this article it hanged halfway indefinitely.

The Solution

I know I have babbled enough so lets get to how i fixed it. First you may need to stop the windows update service. In my case this cased me to have high CPU usage due to the fact that the Windows Update service was trying to resume the install.

What fixed my issue was installing the Update for Universal C Runtime in Windows (Link to file)

This file is available for most versions of Windows so you should download it. So just run the installer as Administrator and and let if finish, finally you should be able to install your Version of Visual C fully without issue. and there you have it. If it worked? feel free to thank me in the comments

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