The title of the article is a bit ambiguous based on the fact that it tackles a specific reason why my Android device will not allow a connection between it and the computer via USB. There are various reasons why an Android device will not connect, crash apps or allow file transfer. This article does not talk about these varied issues it is just about a specific issue that I encountered and how I solved it.

Ok with that out of the way let’s begin.


Issues With My Device:

  1. The android device will not initiate USB file transfer
  2. Some apps will not work (e.g. “Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped”)
  3. Nand flash in the storage section of Settings is not available (you will notice when you enter the Storage Section in the Settings menu it will come up and then quickly disappear)


The Problem That Needs Fixing

The problem that needs fixing is the Nand Flash. So what is Nand Flash? To put it simply it is a chip storage technology. In this case Android uses it to store important system stuff or just everyday stuff like music, photos etc.

The Device which I saw with this problem is a Geo SP1078 tablet (running android 4.4 kitkat) this started happening after I did a factory reset of the device due to Google Play Store closing immediately after its opened(I tried clearing cache of various Google Play Services, uninstalling updates, removing accounts none of that worked) so I could not download new apps or even update them.

Android Storage Settings

Photo form

How I Fixed The Problem

Really it was quite easy to fix but took me forever to find out. All you need to do is go to Settings>Storage and select the Nand Flash section (note that it might be grayed out but you can still select it.) a message will come in the notification area above (where you normally swipe from the top) and it will tell you that your Nand Flash is damaged and that you will need to format it. Sooo… just select it and let it format and your problem should be fixed. If this helped drop a comment or a like on my facebook.

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