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Hey peeps. Haven’t posted anything in a while, because I was way too busy playing video games. Ok. That was a joke. The reason is really because unlike some people I actually lack the motivation to write stuff and for that reason this post is gonna be pretty sort…….. yeah… or not. But also very informative for those who want to test their gaming skills with others around the world.

In this post I will be talking about GameRanger. Now, what is GameRanger, well for short it is an online gaming service for Windows and Macintosh computers that allow you to engage in multi-player mode with almost anyone having an internet connection. Yes, this is definitely welcomed news for the gamer who doesn’t know about it. So you might wonder, what games do they support.  I would say allot, like 700+. Two of my favourites are “Need For Speed Most Wanted”. (This game is a Classic masterpiece) Also “Command and Conquer : Red Alert”. And NO. It’s not hard to believe that people are still playing these games.



So Is it free?

Yes. It is free but as you might have guessed you do have paid accounts.

The Really Good Part

So you might have been looking for this part in the first paragraph: How to Download and get playing? Now it should be as simple task of just going to, download, Install, Create account, and never go to bed early again. And it is just so for some people, but that’s some people. If you had the problem like me not being able to join games (cannot connect to the game session) you might become disappointed. But hopefully you have the same problem as me and you are able to resolve it.

Fixing the Problem (I cannot Connect to Game session. NOooooo!)

Don’t freak out. I think I Have the answerer to your troubles. I will make it as brief as I can.

  1. First you need to log into your Modem Settings. I use a 4G Wimax Modem from GreenPacket but it’s mostly the same pattern for all of them. You do this by going to Command Prompt. And type the command “ipconfig” and then copy the Default Gateway ip address. So it should have this format or (I intentionally erased mine from the picture)

command prompt ipconfig



2. Enter the Username and Password for the modem/router. (to get Username and Password you may need to contact your ISP or look in the manual you were given for the device.

3. When logged in. go to the networking Tab and go to the Trigger/ UDP Trigger (The name may differ a little bit for your device)

4. Click the Insert or Add button, Give your Trigger a name it doesn’t matter what it is. (Mine is GameR) and add these values as follows: Under Trigger Port At Begin enter 16000 and select UDP/TCP. Under Open Port At End enter 16000 and select UDP/TCP option. Then save or apply settings.


modem settings gameranger

5.  Logout and run GameRanger again (it may require a restart of the program).

6. Have some fun


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