Before I go on any further you might not notice that patiance is spelt wrong. The correct spelling is Patience not Pataince. (Thank you for being patient to read that)

Patience is the capacity to endure hardship, difficulty, or inconvenience without acting on anger annoyance annoyance complaint.



As imperfect human beings we have had some case of impatience in the past, and that is normal. But if bouts of impatience become and everyday occurrence there can be serious consequences. Long ago King Solomon Wrote: “Sensible people foresee trouble and hide from it, but gullible people go ahead and suffer the consequences.” (Proverbs 22:3) according if one anticipates their bouts of anger they might be able to prevent them. It is true that you will not be able to foresee all the things that trigger your anger, however we can reasonably take the time out to find out anger triggers so that we can better avoid them. For instance you may be invited to a gathering and you know that people will be there that might do or say stuff that will get you upset. Would it not be more beneficial to avoid the whole incident in the first place? Confrontation can bring humiliation and great regret. At first you may have to make calculated efforts but in the end the quality of patience can become natural.

Health risks

As you might know, impatience is linked to frustration, irritation and even anger. These emotions can heighten or raise your stress level, which in turn can bring health problems. One recent study showed that impatience is linked to obesity. “The Researchers found out that impatient individuals are more likely to be obese than people who are good at waiting” – The Washington Post. This is another effect of impatience that shows how valuable having patience is.


Be fair and realistic to your self

We need to understand that in real life things do not always go as fast as we want them to. Accept the fact that time only moves as fast as time does and not at the speed of our expectations. Another part of being realistic is that in life it does little or no good when you worry over things that you do not have any control over. “None of you can add any time to your life by worrying about it.” (Luke 12:25)


Taking time out to read the bible is a good way to help with impatience. I in it practical council is helping me to cope with some problems. Another way is simplifying your life. Many people have this belief that they can multitask but in reality overtime it can cause concentration problems as it may become hard to focus on one thing for too long. My advice is that you stop and take things one step at a time which is a trait of patience. As some say life is short (and I believe them) so don’t let impatience rob you of what you should be enjoying. LIFE.


Dont be like this guy

angry driver

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As a fun fact why don’t you also take the time out to improve your spelling and stop depending on your search engine to correct your spelling…..? I’m just kidding. The thing is I spelled patience wrong too! So I decided to intentionally include it in my post. so the title should have been Patience what is it? not Patiance what is it?

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