Few people today would deny the saying that poverty helps the growth of crime. They might also say that the government is not providing enough jobs and that causes people to steal for a living. Still others may say that they are being neglected by the authorities and thus no real development can happen in their communities and so people will do what they have to do to survive. Depending on where you live you might hear those complaints more or less, but are these issues really responsible for Crime? Is poverty one of the root causes of crime in our society? Let us consider some examples and other information. (Information will focus mostly on children)


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Government Intervention

National security, job creation, community development and so on are all part of a government’s portfolio. However to me we as citizens of the earth we seem to think that the government can do it all on their own. We need to do our part in improving society. What I am saying is that we sometimes fail to carry out our duties as citizens of a country and of the earth. We are the people who gave the government the power to act on the issues, yet we fail to do our part as citizens. So when we fail and the government fails it is a double failure. So what are we citizens failing to do?  One is carrying our parental obligations.

Most if not all of us wish to see our children come out to something good and yet some of us fail to raise children in the right manner by instilling vital morals that are conducive to a united human society. This in turn leads to our young people committing many crimes that we know of today. I recently read an article on the Daily Mail and its main focus was on how young people eventually turn to crime and violence. And clearly the government does not come as the cause why these youths come out the way they do. Based on the article, A Cambridge university study was carried out in Peterborough England of 716 teenagers over a five year period from the age of 12 to 16. Out of the 716 youths 27 of them committed 7,523 offenses over a 5 year period, some of them even had a criminal record before they were 12 years old. The study also revealed that those youths that avoided criminal acts did not just do so because they fear the consequences, but rather because they viewed such act as ‘Wrong’.

Ways you can help the Situation

talking to child

Being the parent of a child is known to most as no easy task. Yet growing responsible, respectful and kind children is truly a rewarding experience. I am no doctor nor am I any specialist of any kind in the area of parenting, however I am one of those kids who turned out to be one respectful, responsible and kind (And this is not self proclaimed). As a grown young man I have seen part of the problem these include:


  • Little or no moral teaching – dishonesty, disrespect, loose conduct and other negative values seem to be the in-thing now with young people and often these values manifest into conflict. Make it a priority to teach your children to make generous, wise, loving and honest decisions. Things like disciplining your child when he or she steals and telling them to apologies when they speak abusively to others will strengthen their moral compass. Also remember that” Your Children Are Watching You!” They look to YOU to be an example of how they should live their lives.
  • Lack of communication between both parents and children – Deep communication can be quit insightful and rewarding as it helps two or more people to know each other better. Parents should encourage children to express themselves honestly even though the child might say that it will be hard for you as a parent to accept.
  • mother father and child

  • And of course it may well be that in the child expressing him or herself you might get angry over what is said. The usual reaction would be to immediately rebuke the child, however responding in this way will not cause your child to express their true feelings to you, rather they will only tell you what you want to hear. Do not over react. If the comment from the child seems disrespectful calmly try to settle the matter.
  • Separation of parents – This is a very frequent and unfortunate tragedy I must say. Thing do happen in life but parents must ensure that they don’t let their problems deeply affect their child. In this situation although a child may be affected somewhat. It is still very possible to grow a child you and society can be proud of. Both parents of a child should try to work together for the good of the child despite differences. If a child gets a direction about a certain matter from his or her father and gets something completely different from the mother, the child  is going to choose the direction they think is best and what they think is best is most times not. So be a cooperative parent and try to work together.

I sure cannot point out all the problems but with some thought, insight and Love many problems can be avoided. Help the world stop crime and poverty by helping your children.


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