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A preview of how Home will look


Facebook recently launched the release of their new android app called home. Home is an application designed to give users the ability to view live updates from their facebook accounts right on the home screen of an android phone. This will give the social network top placement on many android devices.

facebook home phones


Instead of going to the traditional application menu, the app “Home”, will be on the first layer of the screen (or cover screen) when you turn on the device to use it. Users will be able to view photos, news feeds and messages from friends. This application will come preinstalled on new HTC devices and will be available for other android devices on Google app store on April 12.

This bold move by Facebook seem to be one to strengthen its status as a dominant social network while making its presence felt in the mobile arena also giving them the opportunity to sell more ads on smartphones.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at launch


“It becomes the home of your phone.” Said CEO mark Mark Zuckerberg he also said that it is “a whole lot deeper than any other app.” When the Phone running this app turns on it will have as its background pictures from posts while text and icons of friends will float on the top. Simple gestures like double tapping a post will be equivalent to giving it a like. Another feature of this app is that it will have something called “Chat Heads”. This will pop up small icons of friends whenever they send you a message. You will be able to view chat heads while running other apps. These can be dragged, moved or pushed off the screen.

facebook home apps

App launcher inside Home application


It is obvious that Facebook wishes to become the main home for smartphones with the “Home” app, as it also features an app launcher where users can launch favorite and basic android applications. This would decrease the need of a user to go to the traditional menu in the device.

Based on data collected by Facebook, an average user will visit facebook at least 12 times in one day, but uses will check there phone screens close to 100 times during a day. It is based on this fact that facebook hopes to increase interaction with their social network and more interaction means more opportunities for facebook to earn from its ads.

Advertisement is Facebooks main income provider and analysis say that this move could mean increased revenue as 23% of advertisement revenue comes from mobile users. However analysts further stated that it could back fire if too many ads are pushed to the main screen.

tablet fb home app

Home on tablets (as of launch it is in testing stages and will not be released with smartphone version)


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