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A few months back I decided get myself sunglasses because of the nearest star to our planet. To tell you the truth I don’t know if it because the ozone layer is depleting rapidly or because I never get out much until recently, but whatever the reason the sun nowadays seems like it will “burn your eyes out”. Almost every sunny day when I am going in town I have to carry my sunglasses. Being without them is almost like being in rain without an umbrella. (well.. Almost)

Today’s people however don’t just wear sunglasses as something to protect their eyes. They also use it for fashion, medical and other purposes. Although they are available across many different cultures they seem to all convey a similar meaning based on certain things like the place where they are worn, or the style which you wear. Here is my compilation of reasons why people wear sunglasses.





6 Reasons why you might wear sunglasses


You wear them for medical reasons

Although this is rare (don’t lie that yours are for medical reasons) there are some people with medical and psychiatric conditions in which light causes them some discomfort in their eye or head. One can be described as Photophobic if he or she experiences pain due to bright lights or just avoiding them all together.


my eye troubles are over” |



You are an ugly person

Well if you are an ugly person and want to lower the ugly bar somewhat then sunglasses may just give you the visual pep up you want. No one will ever notice the true you until you remove those glasses, just remember the bigger the glasses the better.


You have to admit they do fit Gollum quite nicely



Hiding Your Shame

Every now and then we get into shameful situations and we need something to help us weather that temporary moment of embarrassment. Probably you got beat-up by your girlfriend and you don’t want your friends to know or probably you were smoking and you don’t want people to see your eyes. One of the most obvious ways to know when someone is ashamed of something is when they wear sun glasses at night. That is weird aah… hello they are called sunglasses.


Yep. Tom must be feeling bad about somthing.| source: zimbio_com


You get Migraines

Believe it or not photophobia is one common symptom of migraine headaches. The bright light or glare similar to that of florescent light or the reflection of sun off glass windows, have 3-6 times out of 10 possibilities of triggering a migraine attack. One solution for this particular case of photophobia is wearing Pink-tinted glasses.




You want to look cool

Come on, I bet everyone will agree that most of the time they get sunglasses is to stand out as a cool person. No matter how “uncool”, unpopular ugly or old you are, putting on one of those aviators can transform your look to celebrity status. Don’t believe me? take a look at Bob Dylan in his as he gets honored by President Obama.

Barack Obama, Bob Dylan

Bob dylan in his aviator sunglasses as he gets honored | Source : Huffingtonpost


You want to disguise yourself

Many of us are guilty on a couple of occasions for hiding from persons. Probably you were at the store and saw someone coming your direction that you did not want to see you, so you just slip on your glasses and turn your back like you are some complete stranger minding his or her own business. This normally works for people that don’t normally wear sunglasses.

minaj-in-hoodie and-sunglasses
mmm.. The hoodie with the sunglasses could have worked as a disguise if she was on the road. you think? |

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