Update_BlackberryI am a person that loves to see stuff look good and operate good as well. So about a week ago I decided to update my old Blackberry 9000. The version it had was 4 point something. However it was giving me some minor problems but mostly I did not like the fact that I could not install certain apps that I needed. So I reasoned that they might work after I update it.

I went through the normal process of connecting my blackberry to my computer and launching the blackberry desktop Software. While it was in the process of updating, the software informed me that the device did not have enough memory to do an update. So I decided to uninstall most of the apps on the device leaving only factory apps like Blackberry messenger. I tried to update it again and it said the same thing, so I did a little search on the internet to see if anyone else was having this problem.

Fortunately I was able to find a solution and I will share it in steps. (It may work for other Blackberry Devices too)

STEP 1: Open Blackberry Desktop Manager (If you do not have it you can Download it HERE)

Connect your device (your Desktop Manager will show the phone you have connected)

Blackberry Desktop manager 9000 bold

STEP 2: Go to Blackberry Download Site Choose your Country and Download the OS (operating System) that will be used to update your device (Note that there have been complaints about corrupt downloads which happens if you choose to download from the site using Browsers other than Internet Explorer. Use it just to be safe).

When it has finished downloading double click it and install it just like any windows program you would install on your PC.


STEP 3: After Installation has completed navigate to the folder located at C:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader.

In this folder you will find a file called “Vendor”. DELETE it. This file is used to identify the vendor that released the OS. Do not close this folder otherwise open a new folder by clicking start and clicking the name of your computer (located at the top right of the start bar). We are going to Locate another “Vendor” File which is located in C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader Delete it too. (user_name is the name of your computer) Now close this folder and go back to the first one.


STEP 4: In the Same Folder in which you are in where you deleted the first “Vendor “ file, you will see another file called “Loader”, double click it to start the update process. Along the way you will be prompted by a window that looks like the one below. It gives you the option to add or remove certain apps that comes with the upgrade. It is recommended that you uncheck some of these applications as it will leave your device with more memory to operate more efficiently. So for example if you see a check beside “Japanese” in the language section just uncheck it if you don’t need it.

blackberry applist


Picture by: bberrymania

For Those Who Want To Know what the problem was

What happened was that the version of the OS which your Phone vendor had available is what is called an All Language Edition which is around 150MB, compared to the previous version that was below 128MB (128MB is total amount of memory available to install the OS on the 9000). So that is why Desktop Manager could not update the Phone.


Please leave a comment if this was of any help or point out something that i might have missed.


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