Google recently announce what some might call “a glimpse of next gen computing” with the announcement of “GLASS”. For those who have not heard the news as yet Google “Glass” is a device much like your android phone only that it is designed like actual glasses that you wear and operates by voice command. To sum it up I would say it is a futuristic android device which you can use without the aid of your hands (video and photos below). I know that there are allot of speculations out there now. Some may include but not limited to saying that it is a good idea but will not be applicable. For those who say this I have to say Google just might surprise you since I doubt that they would release info about something they are not sure about.



Might just be stylish





So…. What does it do?
– It takes pictures
– Record Videos
– Social Media interaction
– Has GPS
– Send messages
– Ask it questions( like Siri for Iphone)
– Translate (would definitely be a killer feature)
– Many other stuff I bet you’ll have to wait until Google announces.



This would be over-all cool, but I wonder how long it would take for people to start gravitating to it. I mean how would it look wearing this funny looking eye glass thingy? I don’t know but I definitely would love to have one to show-off before the actual launch for public consumer purchase. Speaking of getting one, Google is doing some test runs and would like to have some people to test out there device, unfortunately It is last day for applications as this post it being written. ( VIEW G+ PAGE FOR CURRENT INFO) There are ALSO some that are available for developers costing around $1600 (hope that’s not the price when it comes out officially). The Rumor Mill says that we can expect it to be available by late this year to early next year.

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