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Some time ago In 2012 I saw a picture of a beautiful bird called the Mandarin duck. The Males have quiet an impressive covering of colorful feathers. Females are not so brightly colored and have mostly shades of gray throughout their body. These Migratory birds have been known to fly over 500 miles in 24 hours, however the British population is sedentary.


The basic diet of these birds consists of water plants, various grains, and insects. The population of these birds is quiet small, one factor being the destruction of their natural habitats. I also found out that Mandarin ducks are one of the few ducks not hunted because they taste really bad. To tell you the truth I believe they would have been extinct if they had good taste, because they look very good to eat.

These birds are highly esteemed by the Japanese and Chinese as it represent happiness and marital fidelity.


Here are some Photos:



Male Mandarin










Female Mandarin



mandarin chick_bobbysony _by jpockele_flickr

Mandarin Chick : by Jpockele @ flickr



Chicks,mom and dad(

Mandarin Family(Chicks,mom and dad) : Source-
Short video with a mandarin mother and her chicks:

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