Google recently announce what some might call “a glimpse of next gen computing” with the announcement of “GLASS”. For those who have not heard the news as yet Google “Glass” is a device much like your android phone only that it is designed like actual glasses that you wear and operates by voice command. To sum […]

* This and other photos that folllow are from     Correct me if I am wrong but it has been about about 1 year now since Sony has taken over form Sony Ericsson. And I must say they are doing a heck of great job since their takeover. Let’s take a look at one of its upcoming models […]

  Photo by Shiro   Some time ago In 2012 I saw a picture of a beautiful bird called the Mandarin duck. The Males have quiet an impressive covering of colorful feathers. Females are not so brightly colored and have mostly shades of gray throughout their body. These Migratory birds have been known to fly over 500 miles in […]

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    I was cleaning up my mail recently and saw a message from Microsoft with the above image in blue. This to me was kind of a surprise because: I did not know that Microsoft bought Skype (they bought it in 2011) It’s obvious that messenger has lost its luster that’s why I used the “kind of” expression. Here […]

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