Picking up from the last post on the introduction to Rainmeter I will be going a step further to show you a little more of the workings of this tool.

There are two ways main ways in which Rainmeter skins are downloaded. These include a folder (which would normally be downloaded as a zip file for you to extract) or as a ‘Rainmeter Skin Installer’ which has a file extension of ‘.rmskin’. To installing a skin that came in a folder all you have to do is carry that folder to the Rainmeter folder which is located in your documents folder. To install Rainmeter Skin Packs (.rmskin) just double click it just like you would when opening a folder. A window will pop-up like the one below, just click install

Rainmeter skin installer



You can find rainmeter themes at Devaintart

NOTE: it is advised that you scan all rmskin packs since there have been rumors of people putting viruses in them, so please do a scan first.

After the pack has installed all you need to do is start-up the Rainmeter User Interface which if is running can be found in the show icons box on your taskbar. If not just go to your start menu and find it in all programs. It will look like the picture below.

load skin


You will notice that to the left of the application there are some folders, these folders store each component of a skin. Click on the little arrow beside any of these folders to expand and you will see each component of a skin in there respectable folders. I will expand the illustro folder to load the disk1 component to display on my desktop and press load.


Now what you need to do is look for the component/gadget that you want and load it to your desktop and pull it anywhere you want it. That’s about it. I will be making a video on this tutorial to make it easier for you guys. But before I finish here is my customization.


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