This Is my first post and I just want to say welcome to bobbysony! I have had it in mind to start a website that was mostly about what I was interested in for sometime now, and here it is here you go. I must give thanks to Michael aka “blanktoy” for his motivation in building this website.

Now you might be asking whats with the guy and the “‘Guns are welcome on premises” sign? his name is Charles Vaught, he is the guy that is responsible for these type of signs. I wanted an image to use for my first post and i found it amusing so i used it. Nothing more. But if you want you can read more about it here.

What to expect from the website

As I said things that I and many people are interested in talking about. These will include topics ranging from Technology to your everyday social concerns. I will sometimes end my posts with a quote from some inspired or poetic writing that I like, like this one: “Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.” – Oscar Wilde.

I love that one, it is beautifully put. I think I might use it back a couple more times.


What I expect form you

Well nothing but your feedback. (but feel free to give anything useful. No strings attached) Just please be respectful, you and I can agree to disagree but don’t be aggressive. We all have our own views but we should try to peaceful. Feel free to report any bugs, or concerns you have in the contact area.

Hmmmmm….. let me see am I forgetting anything??? I don’t know but that’s it for now so please bookmark and keep updated or you could just follow my the RSS feed.

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My name is Robert Brown also known as “bobbysony” or just “bobby”. There are many words I could use to define myself but I prefer the short description of an average guy with an above average out-look on life. Read More at:
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  • Glad to see you motivated and taking action bro, I hope that you will continue this blog, keep it active, and all the best with your other endeavors.

    -Resolute/Blank 🙂

    • thesony

      thanks bro